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In 1998, I wanted to get a hunting dog.  After a long search, I decided on a Vizsla.  I contacted Jim Busch, a breeder in Illinois, and he put me in touch with a breeder that had used his stud dog, Raany.  I drove to Appleton Wisconsin and got my first Vizsla, Baeli.  She turned out to be a fantastic dog and I was hooked on the breed forever.  It wasn’t long before I started doing hunt tests, then I wanted to get into field trials.  I needed a younger dog to get started with so I bought another Vizsla, Ruby.  Ruby did pretty well in field trials but was handicapped by an inexperienced owner.  After a number of years, I decided to breed Ruby to a stud dog on the East Coast.  I kept a male from the litter.  I entered Chance into trials all over the Midwest.  Chance did a fantastic job in the Puppy/Derby Stakes and was in the VCA top ten Puppy/Derby.  I then bought Star with the intentions of trialing her and to start a breeding program.  Due to family issues, my plans were delayed and I hope to someday get started again.

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