Our Dogs

Blazin' Baeliwick (Baeli) (first picture below)

Baeli was my first Vizsla and my first hunting dog.  Due to my lack of knowledge at training a hunting dog, she was a bit slow to start out but one day while training, I saw the change as if the light switches on.  From that day on, she was a bird crazy.  She also quickly figured out where the birds like to be and she would dive into the thickest cover to get to the birds.  Baeli and I enjoyed many years of hunting together.  She was a wonderful house dog that loved her pillow.  Unfortunately, Baeli passed on December 26th, 2008.  She will be forever missed.

Ruby (not pictured)

Ruby was my second Vizsla and my first field trial dog.  Ruby and I learned a lot together at our first field trials.  She had a great nose and received a number of placements.  She was a great hunting dog as well and she absolutely loved the water. 

Blazin's Takin' Chances (Chance) (second two pictures below) - Sire of current litter

Chance is from my very first litter.  He quickly picked up on the field trial game and frequently placed in the Puppy/Derby stakes, making the VCA Top Ten Puppy/Derby.  He has 4 points towards his FC title and 4 points towards his AFC title.  Chance is also a great hunting dog that loves the water.  He has extreme drive in the field and nothing slows him down.  Chance also spent some time in the show ring and picked up 2 points towards his Champion title.

Pedigree - http://www.vizslapedigrees.com/pedigree.php?regnumber=SR06632701

Strider's Star A Blazin' (Star) (last two pictures below) - Dam of current litter

Star is a loving dog with a sweet personality.  She has a great nose and great drive in the field.  She loves kids and loves attention.  She is a great mother.

Pedigree - http://www.vizslapedigrees.com/pedigree.php?regnumber=SR20091603

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